Some people have little confidence in using a plumbing service and plumbing can often be expensive. We think it is absolutely justified that our customers expect a professionally delivered plumbing service.

At The Clean Plumber, we believe in :

Quality work

Your plumbing problem will be fixed promptly and in a competent manner. Work carried out by a qualified plumber operating from a fully equipped van.


Your plumber should leave your worksite “at least as clean as they found it”. You shouldn’t know that a plumber has been in your house; except for the knowledge that your plumbing has been fixed or completed.


Your plumber should arrive at your premises at the time scheduled. If there is an absolutely unavoidable delay, you will be advised beforehand.


Your plumber should not only complete your work within the agreed schedule, they should also spend time with you clarifying and explaining the work required. Additionally, discussing any issues or concerns you may have. They should never rush their work.

Absolute integrity

Your plumber will treat all your property with respect, therefore making sure you get maximum value from their visit. We will charge only the agreed fees and honour all guarantees and commitments, without question.

A Personal service

Your plumber should not only solve your plumbing problem, they should also recognise the personal distress that the plumbing issue has caused you. They should treat you with complete courtesy and professionalism, leaving you feeling pleased that they’ve been in your home.

Professional treatment

Your plumber should detail charges, guarantees, service commitments and special offers during initial contacts before seeking your agreement to go ahead. Your plumber should provide an unconditional guarantee that you will only pay for the work they do when you are satisfied with it. As they are human, mistakes sometimes do occur. The mistake will be rectified at no cost to you, should this situation arise.

A follow-up call

Your plumber should call you within 7 days of completing your work; to ensure that you are satisfied with both quality of work and service.

No surprises

 Before commencing work, we will explain what they intend to do and give an estimate of any charges. They should do the work, meet all commitments as promised and only then charge you for it.

You shouldn’t feel surprised by these standards of service but you should be pleasantly surprised after employing The Clean Plumber. Visit our services page to see all we offer to solve your plumbing, heating and maintenance needs. You will find all you need in one place.

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