A water softener or a Scaleout Advance system installed in your home will help beat the damaging effects of limescale in your home. We have the hardest water in England here in East Anglia. Therefore, limescale in the water causes damage to all of our appliances. From boilers to kettles and water pipes to washing machines. Consequently, costing us more money in washing and cleaning products. Furthermore, shortening the life span of our appliances and costing more in repairs and replacements.

Our team of experienced plumbers can fit a water softener or scaleout in your home. An installation can usually be completed within a day, causing you minimal disruption. Please visit Monarch Water for more information on both systems.

Water softeners

A water softener uses salt to filter the water and helps prevent the effects of limescale. To ensure that the water remains soft, it will require regularly filling with salt. This is usually in a brick or tablet form, depending on the water softener installed. Additionally, you will need to have a separate drinking tap. This tap is usually installed at the kitchen sink and bypasses the softening system. Giving you a constant supply of fresh mains water for drinking.

A water softener will protect your appliances from the effects of limescale, which could save you money on repairs and replacements. Your appliances, such as kettles, boilers and washing machines may also work more efficiently, and last longer. You will notice a difference in the amount of products you use with a water softener installed. Everything such as soap and shampoo to washing powder and cleaning products will last longer. Additionally, many customers say that they have softer hair and skin.

There is a new line of water softeners which are designed to remove the existing limescale in your system. Also softening the water coming into your home. This is great news if you want the benefits of both a water softener and a scale out; giving you soft and limescale free water.

Scaleout Advance

A scaleout system is the next best thing to a water softener. One of the benefits of a scaleout is that there is no heavy salt to lift. However, the water will not be as soft as with a water softener. A Scaleout system is fitted inline on the incoming mains water supply; removing the limescale already in the system and preventing future buildups. Therefore leaving your home and appliances protected from the damage that limescale causes.

No matter if you choose a water softener or scaleout system, we know you will benefit in many ways. Furthermore, they are the ideal solution for rental properties too. Ensuring that your maintenance of the heating system is kept to a minimum and costs kept down.

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